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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Random Shit
I am reading Tale of a Body Thief for the 9th time.

I quit smoking on January 29th. I also had "girlie" surgery that day.

I am perimenopausal. I have nervous energy and hot flashes. It sucks.

I had a major panic attack two weeks ago. I thought I was dying.

I am making my Dad a "crumb" quilt. It is the first thing I've made him since elementary school. I think some things have healed.

I haven't had sex in 3 weeks and don't care.

I haven't had an orgasm during sex in 2.5 months which might be why I don't care.

My youngest child turned 17 in December. I am looking forward to "empty nesting"

My hair is shoulder length again. Mostly cause I'm too lazy to do anything with it.

I'm hooked on Lolcatz.

In the last six months Fred was diagnosed with a form of juvenile arthritis, Meanie had her wisdom teeth extracted and Ron was diagnosed with diabetes. I'm really getting tired of doctor appointments.

I have discovered I love sleeping in fuzzy jammies.
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Thursday, November 08, 2007
I'm cold..
No, really! I'm freakin' froze!

We woke up to a house full of smoke on the morning of the 28th. Apparently our furnace blower stopped blowing which caused the heat exchangers to crack and warp. Poof, no more furnace.

Our home owners insurance is covering all but the deductable and the furnace is ordered. The signifigant word here being "ordered." So we wait for delivery. It's really only been about 10 days but during those ten days the cold moved in to our little mountain region, along with some snow flurries.

Send blankets please!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Corn and grain, corn and grain,

All that falls shall rise again.

I've become some what domesticated but please do not confuse that with becoming tame. I have had to put my own needs to the side for a time and have discovered on the other side that my needs have changed. It should be interesting to see who I am to become.

Things are well in my little world. The children are growing up to be likable people. Bills are paid and meals cooked. I'm underpaid and slightly underfucked!

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
After all this time I'm finding it hard to say anything. So, I'll ramble on.

I like this new template though I'm not sure about the greys. I had wanted to stay in the brown/copper families but every one I've tried has just been wrong. Too orange or red or just too bright. I'll happily take input and criticism.

Life has moved on, as it always does. Nothing has seemed quite right since the Old Mans death but we're all adjusting. Some days it's just overwhelming then others I think I'll be ok.

Fred finally broke last weekend. I knew it would happen but wasn't sure when. He's bottled it all up this whole time and finally just lost it. A sobbing, snotting 16 yr old is never a pretty sight. He was the last of the kids to react. He's the most like me in a lot of ways, hold it til no one else needs you and the crisis has passed. Then you can have a break down. I'm just so grateful he trusts me enough to be with him when it happened.

I don't feel like the same person any more. I think I've buried some part of me so deeply I'm not sure I can bring her back.
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